Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She-Devil likes Owl Really!

Wondering what the heck the title of this post means??? Read on...

Before I met Andy, I went to a Nashville Rollergirls bout but had no idea what was going on and was mainly there to people watch. Since I've met Andy, I have hardly missed a bout!

He DJs the bouts and is friends with the whole league and is very involved with them - he travels to the out of town games and everything. I have loved getting to know the rollergirls and have gotten to know She-Devil because we work in the same industry for our day jobs and we go to the same church.

Her real name is Elizabeth and she really wanted to come shop at the OMG Urban Flea Market a week and a half ago but she was out of town so, we set up a time for her to come over and we trekked upstairs where all my inventory is and went through each rubbermaid tub one by one! She found SO many great items including a really awesome green travel bag that's perfect for toting a laptop, a few cake stands I made for the wedding, a button ring I made, a record, and much more. Here she is with 2 of the cake stands!

She even texted me photos from a surprise party she threw last night- here are the cake stands in action!

And here's how we used this same cake stand at our wedding reception!

photo by alvin pearman of

Thanks for shopping Owl Really, She-Devil!!!


  1. ohh my! Isn't she cute! I really like that plate above... hmmm I hope you saved me a cute one.

  2. I hope she took some of my stash :) I would hate for you to store it like I did for years. Love the cake stands.

  3. mom - i saved you a cute one but if you want a different one, there are plenty left! there are 2 pink ones left but i thought you might like green better than white. did you want the whiteish one with the blue flower? just let me know.

    steph - haha! i think i have found a taker for the table runners (you didn't want those back right??) and mom's gonna take the damask fabric... so that's a few things out of the way! :)

  4. Checking out your blog via your Mom's. Love the cake plates. I laughed when I saw your friend is a Rollergirl and your hubby DJs for them. One of the girls (er-young ladies) I work with and her fiance were Jeerleaders for them last year! She was June Carter Smash (I think that's right), but can't remember what he called himself. In real life they are Vicki & Chad. Sadly the weren't able to return this year.
    Good luck with your new venture at the Nashville Flea. Maybe I'll get to come check it out.

  5. kathy, that's cool! thanks for your comment! :)


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