Thursday, June 30, 2011

Owl Really on South Nashville Life

Thank you so much to Jen of South Nashville Life for featuring Owl Really not once, but twice! Yesterday, Jen posted about my booth at the Tennessee Antique Mall - even giving you directions on how to find it within the mall! (I probably should have posted that before, hahaha!!)

Jen is a great voice and advocate for South Nashville and I love to read about her passion for bettering our neighborhoods. If you live or work in the area, be sure to subscribe to her blog for updates on the fairgrounds, Brown's Creek, and so much more!

Thanks Jen!!


  1. Loved your sepia wedding pics. My sister married last Nov in a Windmill, in Cley, North Norfolk, Uk. A typical olde worlde British village. The church you married in is beautiful - we don't have anything like that here. Ours are 99% 12th century!
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