Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Round Platter Repurposing?

I bought this great platter for our wedding cake - it's a 15" round melamine white ruffled platter and I love it!

Here it is with our cake on it!

And last week we had Andy's mom, brother, and sister-in-law over to celebrate his mom's birthday. I broke out the platter to corral our disposable plates, cups, napkins, and straws. I thought it looked pretty cute!

I really like the platter, but the truth is we don't have much storage space and I can't see myself using it very often... which brings us to the point of this post!

How would you repurpose this platter?

Let me hear your ideas, no matter how unconventional! I wondered if it'd be possible to transfer one of our wedding photos onto it and hang it up as art, even!

The bottom is slightly wonky - it is not a flat, even surface, so keep that in mind when tossing around ideas! Let's hear 'em! Leave your wildest, craziest platter repurposing ideas in the comments!! Thanks!!


  1. I dunno! Knowing your house and how little space you have, makes it difficult. What I would normally tell people, you don't need. My first thought would have been use it on the dresser or the coffee table.
    Perhaps on the microwave cart to corral some things?
    You could decoupage a photo onto it pretty easily. but maybe a collage might be better suited for it.
    your mom

  2. Paint a center circle with chalk board paint :)

  3. You could do a large rub-on monogram and hang it on the wall.


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