Monday, July 25, 2011

Recent Booth Additions

I feel like I've been neglecting my booth a little this month! I haven't had much time to shop and put new items up there, but I recently swung by an estate sale and found some really fun finds. Below are some quick snaps from Thursday! You'll see a great old school pencil sharpener, a schoolhouse style clock, a chalkboard globe my mom painted for me, a mushroom clock, and some general photos of my messy booth. I'm hoping to get up there and rearrange and make things look a little nicer soon!

I have to say, I'm really loving the industrial/school house style. I'm looking for more cool file cabinets, clocks, lamps, etc.

I come across cool metal file boxes fairly often - do you think I should start carrying them? I think I really love them but I just haven't taken the step to pick one up and put it in the booth yet. Have you noticed them anywhere lately? Are they trendy right now? If you have any insight, let me know in the comments please!


  1. Your booth looks great! Love the banner (bunting) it's so cute!
    your mom

  2. I would include the metal boxes. I've got a couple to list on Etsy, but a couple of heavy ones to put in my booth.

  3. thanks for the input! i saw some at an estate sale on thursday and went back to the same estate sale on saturday and they were still there! i was so surprised! i did get one, a really cool aqua one, but there were some of the more standard colors (army green, beige, etc) that i didn't pick up. i figured the aqua one might sell well because of its color!

  4. I just sighed at the photos of your booth and exclaimed "beeeeautiful" aloud! LOVE it. The chalkboard globe is genius. I might borrow that idea!


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