Thursday, August 25, 2011

A little corner of my world

40+ hours a week, I run a music website and do artist interviews on a regular basis. We have a little studio set up in one of the offices but circumstances called for us to do an interview this week in my office.

A few years ago, Elise designed our studio and bought the chair for the room and I have brought in other props over the past year to change up the looks. I pulled this look together in an empty corner of my office on Monday and I have to say - I love it! Even though it was set up for a video shoot, I'm thinking about keeping it styled this way just to add some vintage flair to my office.

I picked up the little table (with flared midcentury legs!) at Goodwill recently and luckily had it in my trunk the day I was setting up this vignette. I got the typewriter at Goodwill also - it's in pretty bad shape so it works perfectly as just a prop. The teal mug holds a succulent that was used in our wedding and sits atop some vintage books. The poster is a Spirit of Nashville print I bought years ago. Behind the mug and succulents, you can see a hint of a yellow pitcher I bought from a neighbor's yard sale years ago and a few candles accent the mug.

I love being able to style and re-style the sets in the office! It's so fun to play around with different looks.

To see Elise's design of our office, where we shoot most of our video interviews, click here!

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  1. ya know what? I think that is great that you get to style and re-style. I love the look!
    I'm sorry it's been such a bad day.
    your mom


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