Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Favorite Finds: My Montgomery Ward Goldenrod Curtains

Well, well, well! I haven't done my OWN Favorite Find yet, so I figured it was time. I have been focused on thrifting so much for my booth that I haven't picked up much for myself or our home lately, but I did discover the most amazing vintage curtains at Goodwill the other day! I found the first panel and fell in love and was so happy when I discovered the 2nd panel!

Fortunately, our living room only has 1 real window (the 2nd window is obscured by the "after market" staircase that was built in the 90s to lead up to the attic...yeahh...) so the curtains are perfect for it. I have a really hard time finding curtains that I like in stores. I feel like most curtains are really boring or really trendy... I am so happy I found something totally unique!

These new-to-us curtains have a Montgomery Ward tag, so I'm not exactly sure what year they are from but I am guessing late 60s maybe? They are sort of a tweed made up of goldenrod and white. I love them. I was even inspired to paint our living room over the weekend so that they would match better and I could hang them up right away! I changed the color from light brown to very light gray which suits us better for sure.

Thanks for checking out my first Favorite Find. :)

Please feel free to submit your own! Just email me!


  1. Happy to finally see a picture of your curtains/drapes. :) I had green ones JUST like these in the living room. The former owners of this house left them when they moved. All that stuff I have kept in the basement-if only I had known, I would have kept different stuff! hahahah

  2. Those are great! I'll bet they look really good with gray walls.


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