Friday, September 23, 2011

New Creative Home Decorating: Color Schemes

I picked up New Creative Home Decorating by Hazel Kory Rockow Ph.D. and Julius Rockow from an estate sale and it is chock full of fun, retro designs. My edition is from 1954 - I would love to get my hands on a decorating book from the 60s!

One of my favorite sections of the book focuses on color schemes in the home. There are 5 color pages that give ideas for colors in decorating. See them below (click through to check them out on flickr where you can see various sizes, including the original size, or even download the file) and let me know in the comments which are your favorites!

I am immediately drawn to color schemes 10 and 11! I would love to have that furniture in my house!


  1. what i always love about these old books is how much of it can be applied to today- pages 68-70 especially!

  2. How fun! :)

    I had an old book I offered you. I don't think I have it anymore. :(

  3. These are gorgeous- thanks for sharing! I've been meaning to scan favorite illustrations from vintage books, too. Your blog continues to be too cute! :)


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