Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Owl Really Booth Updates: Flea Market Edition

At 1:21, Mad Men's Pete Campbell explains to his colleagues at Sterling Cooper what a "chip and dip" is. It's pretty surprising that in 1960, it wasn't a common item/snack! (Watch with caution - Pete Campbell is NOT a gentleman...zoom forward to 1:21 if you're easily offended!)

I have my own vintage chip & dip in my booth! I think it's amazing - it's pink and black and on a lazy susan!

I found it at the Nashville Flea Market last weekend, along with the following items:

An adorable chippy pink alarm clock.

pretty cool retro radio

Are you inspired by vintage tv and shows set in earlier decades? I am!


  1. Yeah, Pete is not my favorite. He's such a jerk.
    I love your pink and black chip and dip set! And yes, I'm sometimes very inspired by movies and TV. I think I sometimes miss whole scenes because I'm so distracted by the background!

  2. I love watching old movies for their furniture. :) I've never seen madmen.
    I didn't know chip-n-dips were old (vintage)
    your mom


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