Monday, September 19, 2011

A peek inside Owl Really

I love posting photos of new antique mall items here, but I thought I'd take a second and show you a video of my booth! I recorded this while the store was open so I was a little self-conscious of someone walking near me and wondering what the heck I was doing which is why I'm a little quiet or subdued in certain sections. I also call things the wrong names - I think I said the typewriter was manual and it's electric and I think I called the owl lamp an owl clock. I am clearly deranged. :)

Also - I love editing video and filming in cool ways, etc - but with my new job at work and a ton of upcoming travel, I haven't had time to spend on making things super, extra cool - I'm having to do the bare minimum unfortunately!

Here's the video! Thanks for supporting me in this journey. This is my 4th month at the Tennessee Antique Mall and I'm having so much fun.

Also! An update on the boots I donated to the Nashville Rollergirls. Here's a photo of them at the auction last night:

They happily sold to one of the rollergirls, Four Leaf Roller!


  1. LOVE the video! I turned the volume up so Louie could listen, but he was too busy snoring! lol
    Your booth looks so cute. I can't believe I haven't seen it in person. I'm anxious for you to visit so you can collect the stuff I've picked up for your booth. :)

  2. Your booth is so cute! So much of your inventory really takes me back to my (VERY early) childhood. :)


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