Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Favorite Finds: Dani's Glass Jar Collection

Today's favorite find comes from my friend Dani of Crow & Quill. Do you remember Alyssa's flea market desk? I met Alyssa and Dani on the same day at my very first flea market. They are close friends and former roommates and have been so sweet and supportive of my Owl Really endeavors! Dani and I re-connected recently through a mutual friend and I'm glad to know her! She is a writer, so I'll let her take it away!

Dani says:

My favorite thrifted find is an ever-growing collection of glass containers. I tried narrowing it down to maybe one type of container that I have, but that’s kind of impossible for me. Each container is unique in its own little way so I just have to talk about all of them.

I’ve picked them up at Goodwills and various thrift stores across the state of Tennessee, but some of my favorites have come from the Nashville Flea Market. There’s a lady there that I loving call “The Glass Jar Queen.” She unknowingly fills a void in my life with her jars. And what’s even better, she knows stories behind them. I’ll pick one up and she’ll tell me that peanut butter or coffee used to come in that shaped jar. (I followed suit and put my coffee beans in the coffee jar.) I love finding out the history and purpose behind my thrifted purchases. It adds so much significance.

I have a small obsession with them. When I see any kind of glass on a thrift store shelf, I’m immediately drawn to investigate. Glasses, jars, milk jugs, vases… I could easily fill my whole house with them.

My current favorite way to use them is for storing food. My kitchen is riddled with different sizes and shapes of glass containers. They’re in my cabinets holding granola, on my counters full of flour and sugar, and in my fridge ready with fresh juice or iced coffee.

And of course I like to decorate with them. I love using old milk jugs for fresh flowers or even just filling them up with other small thrifted trinkets and setting them on display. My friend brought me a really fun vintage-y yellow matchbox back from Moldova last year. I put it in a glass jar on my mantle. So fun!

I think glass jars combine elements of country chic and a classy vintage appeal without trying too hard. Each one has its own beauty in its tinting and scratchy flaws. I know at some point I’ll probably become a hoarder with my glass jars, but for now I’ll keep enjoying the hunt for these beauties.

Dani's jars are so beautiful! My favorite is the iced coffee jar - what's your favorite?

If you would like to be considered for Favorite Finds, email me a photo of the item you would choose as your Favorite Find and a little bit about it. I'll write you back with some questions to answer and then we'll get you set up! I have several in store for you guys already so I may not be able to feature every submission that comes in but I would love to see what you guys have!


  1. I'm jar-obsessed as well! Love your collection, Dani, and Jamie, I would have TOTALLY chosen that iced coffee one as your fave.

  2. love the collection! I'm just starting to collect glass and I love it! There is just something so beautiful and mysterious about them! :)

  3. I go the utilitarian route... individual smoothies made in mason jars!

    The mouth of most all mason jars partner with my blender, so I can customize requests for little people.

    Following through GFC... loving your posts. :)

  4. I find old jars interesting, too. I currently have some staples in my old blue canning jars.


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