Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Favorite Finds: Hilary's Headboard

Our Favorite Find today comes from Hilary, AKA Girl Named Tennessee. Hilary and I met through a mutual friend many years ago and have ran into each other around town off and on ever since. Last week, I swung by my booth to tidy up and Hilary was shopping! She said she had bought a few things from me, much to my delight! We'll have more from her in the future on her Owl Really purchases but first we have her Favorite Find - shutters she saved from the landfill and repurposed into a headboard!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

My favorite find is the old house shutters that turned into my lovely bedroom headboard. Interestingly enough, the part I didn't think I liked (the color) is now my favorite part. I had looked around for shutters at antique shops for a few months but never found anything in the price range I was willing to pay. Then one weekend in early Summer 2010, I was dog sitting for a coworker and noticed she had a set of four old shutters sitting against the wall in her kitchen. With much shutter-envy, I asked her what she was planning to do with them when she got back in town and she said she was looking to get rid of them! Naturally, I asked if I could buy them from her and she told me I could take them for free. Cue the big, happy grin.

Did you know right away that you would repurpose the shutters into a headboard?

I knew that their purpose would be to create a headboard. I had seen on blogs that people would mount the shutters on the wall above their bed so in the planning that went on in my head, I thought I would do that too. When I brought them home for the first time, I set them on the floor behind my bed just to get the vision and that's when I realized how tall the shutters were. So if you haven't noticed a trend already, I lucked out with a great set of shutters that required no revamping of any kind. It was an easy transfer and they remain sitting on the floor behind my bed to this day.

The fun story behind the shutters is that another coworker of ours had recently had a spring wedding and used them as a holder for name cards at her reception (fun idea!). They were painted their current shade of blue to match the colors in her wedding and when I brought them home, I realized just how perfect they looked with my light gray walls. I was already planning to redecorate my bedroom and they were the just the right piece to act as the focal point and inspire the rest of my bedroom decor.

How did your new headboard inspire the rest of your room?

I describe my style as cottage-chic and really wanted my room to feel like a lake house bedroom. Picture something light and calming with the sound of waves crashing through your open window when you wake up. I already had the light gray walls and the blue shade of the shutters was really what pulled in the lake house feel. Shutters in general scream cottage to me so it really kicked my bedroom makeover into gear. I started to find accent pieces for my bedroom in different shades of blue and teal to compliment the color of the shutters and then I acquired two thrifted dressers which I painted white. The other pieces in my room are pine antiques inherited from my family and my bedding is white, fluffy and inviting to match the overall atmosphere. It doesn't matter if it's a gorgeous, sunny day or a gloomy, dark one - my bedroom is the one room in my home that feels like a vacation getaway and it's all thanks to my favorite find!

Thanks, Hilary, for sharing and also for supporting Owl Really!

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  1. Great repurpose Hilary, and I LOVE the fact that it was used at your friend's wedding.
    Great post jamie!


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