Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Minister's House: World's Largest Treehouse

Yesterday I mentioned that we made an extra stop on our way home from the Smoky Mountains... can you believe your eyes?? It's the world's largest treehouse in Crossville, TN. Apparently, in 1993 a minister named Horace started building a treehouse because he received a vision from God. Today, it's eight to ten thousand square feet and in the center is a beautiful chapel. Since we were there on a Sunday, we actually got to hear him preach. He seemed very down to earth and genuine, from what I could tell by overhearing his sermon while we explored the multi-story structure.

It was really an adventure! Certain boards are pretty creaky, the stairs rarely have hand rails, and some are outrageously steep. Children run through at their own risk while all the adults we ran into were amazed by the maze of paths and stairs and dead-ends and hidden passageways.

Notice the tree swing? A lawn chair attached to ropes that are duct taped together. We didn't take a ride on it, but it looks like everyone was having a blast!

All throughout the treehouse are surprises - a beautiful stained glass window, random furniture (that I would have LOVED to take home with me!), wooden statues, a guy playing a flute, and so much more.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I was inspired by Horace and his dream and what he has done. He felt called to do something and he didn't just slap something together (well, I mean, in a way, he did... some of it feels haphazard!) but he went ALL OUT. He could have built a normal-size treehouse but instead he built an enormous one and opens it to the public and shares his dream and vision and faith with those who visit. I am inspired by him!

See all the photos (including large size versions) on flickr.


  1. What a vision.....what a trip!

  2. Glad you guys made the stop! It's fun to see other people's photos! It's cool to see the chapel in use, and I'm glad to hear he isn't crazy. It looks like a pretty cool opportunity he has to reach a range of different people, and so I'm glad he's not a raving lunatic! :) Maybe some people will actually come away with a good message.

  3. wow! That is awesome!
    I had never heard of this before you told me.
    super pics!


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