Thursday, October 20, 2011

Owl Overload!

I think I might have mentioned before that over the summer, I bought a lot of owls. By "lot," I mean they were sold as a lot... and there were a LOT of them! I had swung by an estate sale at its opening and picked out several owls I liked and when the estate sale was over, I contacted the seller and asked if there were owls leftover. She sold me the rest of them for a great price!

Most of the owls are sell-able. Some were cheap figurines that I decided just to donate to Goodwill. Some of the owls were ugly but had nice lines, so I spray painted them. Those have done surprisingly well in my booth!

I still had a box of owls floating around my dining room that I was sick and tired of. I figured that with Halloween coming up, people might be on the look-out for owls for decorating. I loaded up my box of owls and spent about an hour unpacking and pricing them in my booth.

I have used 2 drawers as shelves in my home and then moved them to my booth. They weren't being utilized very well, so I moved them to a more accessible wall and placed them so that I could use the top of the drawers as shelves as well.

And now I present: OWL OVERLOAD!

Can you pick out any favorites? I really love the little bronze-y one in the last photo in the middle and the teal ones in the third photo.

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  1. wow! so many owls! :) it's tough to choose just one, I'm sort of drawn to the yellow one (first picture bottom left) He looks sad, like he needs a new home.
    Owl Really sure has a LOT of owls, really!

  2. i love the little brass owl that's on the second shelf right in the middle! I actually have the same exact one! ;)

  3. What started you on your owl collecting? I like the dark one that looks carved. Is it wood?

  4. That's a lot of owls. I think I told you that I use. to collect owls back in the 70's. I even had an owl trashcan and a couple necklaces. I think I still have a ring with an owl on it that was Sarah Coventry jewelry. I think that was a party plan back in the day.


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