Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fun: Chevrolet: 1965 Impala and Bewitched Commercials

We recently saw this Chevy commercial in which a son tracks down his father's 1965 Chevy that he was forced to sell decades ago. I am not a car person, but I'm definitely sentimental, so this made me cry!

When I was trying to find it on YouTube, I found a wealth of vintage Chevy commercials that I just had to share!

Watching Mad Men has piqued my interest in vintage advertising, especially TV commercials. It's so interesting to see how the advertising industry had to change and develop in order to keep up with the new technology. I have always been interested in clever commercials and marketing ideas and I find these cross-promotions between Bewitched and Chevy so interesting!

Here's the first season opener - they announce that the show is sponsored by Chevrolet and Samantha's broom turns into a Chevy logo!

Here's a compilation of 3 different commercials featuring Bewitched castmembers- the last 2 are adorable!

I love vintage shows. I recently watched almost every episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show on Netflix (they recently took it off instant streaming, unfortunately!) and I've also always liked Bewitched. (Fun fact: the owner of my company is the son of Bewitched's executive producer!)

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me. :) Sometimes, it's hard to believe that I was born in 1982 and that I didn't grow up in the 60s! I feel so connected to them!

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  1. wow! that commercial (the new one) really is special! :)
    makes me want that purple falcon back! hahah NOT.



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