Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Vintage Dress Collection

I have a one-track mind lately! I am obsessed with vintage dresses (in case you hadn't picked up on that! ha!). I also have been playing around more and more in photoshop and with photography. Blogging is a great outlet to practice and play around and be creative!

I recently photographed the vintage dresses I own. Here they are in all their splendor! :)

Thanks for indulging me as I obsess and play around with photoshop!

Oh, and there's also the navy blue bird dress! And I just received my new-to-me black dress with a white sailboat print. I wore it recently to the Design*Sponge event in Nashville! Oh, don't forget to enter to win an autographed copy of Design*Sponge At Home!

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  1. Cute dresses! I'm going to have to introduce my daughter to your blog. She loves vintage clothes, and she'd be so envious of your dresses. I could see her wearing them all, actually.

  2. The pale pink one is my favorite! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. You always look so cute in your dresses! They look much prettier on you than they do in the pics!


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