Tuesday, January 24, 2012

House Tour: Our Bathroom

Last week, we finally had some much-needed repairs done to our bathroom. We had a leak which ended up ruining some drywall. We got the drywall replaced, I painted with a deeper shade of teal (a $7 gallon - thank you Home Depot "oops" paint!) and we hung a new curved shower rod (which I LOVE). I switched out some artwork and voila!

The folk art print was a gift from Carolyn and features lyrics from my favorite hymn, Come Thou Fount. I picked up the little blue alarm clock at the Brooklyn Flea, the portrait is from an estate sale, and I can't remember where I got the bird years ago.

The 60s art is from the Downtown Antique Mall and the shower curtain is from Anthropologie and was a generous gift from a friend after she and her husband bought a house and it didn't match their new bathrooms. I had been coveting it for awhile and was so thrilled when she passed it on to me!

I wish I could get a better overall shot of the bathroom but it's so tiny, it's hard to take a photo of it.

I will hopefully post more "house tour" photos in the future - I am working on getting more projects done! I think our house is my ultimate canvas and I want to document it!

Have you done any easy updates lately??

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  1. ooh i love your shower curtain! so so pretty!

  2. My bathroom is a teal too! Love the color!

  3. Love it. I'm trying to decide on a color to redo my bathroom.


  4. I think the color is fabulous!!! I love the new look of the shower curtain! (rod)
    Yay, glad you finally got this done!

  5. Gotta Love the Home Depot "Oops" Paint. I just picked up 2 gallons one for the living room and one for the bathroom. Love the shower curtain. I always wondered how well those curved shower rods worked. It looks grat!

  6. Pretty! And let me say that you had some mighty good luck with that Oops paint. It's an awesome color.

  7. i love that portrait! we need to get our bathroom retiled but that is just tooooo big of a project for right now. i think we're going to try and build a built in bookcase across one wall of our house this summer. i can't wait!

  8. What a cute bathroom! I really like the print with the hymn lyrics, and that shower curtain is SO cute.


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