Thursday, January 19, 2012

Owl Really Booth Updates: Children's Section Edition

Well, woops! I meant to blog this last week. I spent a few hours updating my booth and creating a small children's section. I re-arranged a few things and, voila!

I created the children's section on the back wall with some drawer shelves my mom made me a few years ago. (As you can tell by the shabby chic-ness of those photos on her blog, my style has changed a lot!)

In this section, I included a globe, an old-school pencil sharpener, children's books, a jewelry box, Twister, a cute train wall hanging, and a few more items - including the children's clothes hung nearby.

I continue to rearrange the shelves and try to organize items by color or function. Good news - two of my travel bags have sold over the past week! Below, you can see a beautiful yellow vent I found at my new favorite thrift store.

Even though I have a section that is organized by red and green, they're not Christmas items. I grouped my Bingo cards, an atlas, a book of party games, apple salt and pepper shakers, and an embroidered strawberry - along with new vintage red&white glassware I picked up recently.

Then I grouped pink items together which includes a trivet, an alarm clock, and an atomic glass. The alarm clock just sold in the past few days!

No one has picked up one of my vintage planters with succulents yet, but I admit I did price them high because I love them and don't really want them to sell. I don't have room for them at home, but I might take them to work. I really love the yellow one and the faux bois one. I also kinda want to rescue that little fawn from my booth, too. :) I had 3 and 2 have sold... he's so cute!

Thanks for checking it out! If you're in Nashville, be sure to swing by the Tennessee Antique Mall (654 Wedgewood Avenue) and ask for Booth 85!

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  1. thanks dana! hey, i don't know if you will see this, but you're impossible to contact. :) your blogger profile does not list your email address and when i receive your comments in my email, you are a "no-reply blogger" which means i can't respond to your comments. also, i can't find a "contact" or email link your blog... just wanted to let you know in case you didn't realize!

  2. I love that little fawn. And I liked seeing your booth. Love that fan too.


  3. Love that yellow vent! :) Your booth looks fabulous!
    The succulents seem to be doing really well there!

  4. your booth looks so good! that paint by number jesus is especially tempting. when i'm back from my trip in february i'm going to check back...

  5. Oh goodness...your booth is SO cute!

  6. thanks e'erbody! I did swing by today and picked up the yellow planter to foster it. it had 2 plants and one died, so i brought it to my office to get some sunshine and "fed" it with some cactus food i picked up at home depot last week!

  7. Your booth looks great, Jamie. I see so many things that I either used to have or knew someone who had them. Like taking a trip back into the past. Wish I still had a few of those things.

  8. love your things! especially the clocks + fan. I would stop by if I lived in nashville

  9. ohh I have an owl ironing board just like that one!

  10. Wow! Super cute photo's! I want to walk right in and look things over. I'm partial the the white step stool/chair. I've got a white one and a green one I use all the time for little nephews. But 2 chairs and 7 nephews do not come out even!

  11. I want to buy the globe, if it's not already sold. I'm not sure when i can get to the antique mall. I'm going to try for Saturday, but I'm not sure. Will you let me know. Thanks

  12. When I was there this week, the globe was still there. Thanks!


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