Monday, January 9, 2012

The Thrift Report: Children's Clothes and Other Fun Items

I hit my favorite thrift store and an estate sale last week and scored some really fun items. The estate sale was a little stressful thanks to pushy people, but I managed to find some great things.

I really want to find a way to create a little children's corner in my booth - not sure if it's possible since it's already cramped, but I will add these adorable clothes soon:

I also found this sweet musical jewelry box:

A well-loved owl that has been broken and glued back together... I didn't notice it was glued back together until I was taking photos! Woops! Also found a spiral notebook of party games, really fun gold stockings, and little Sleeping Beauty book. I also found a book about the Grand Old Opry which we gave to Andy's dad and a book from the 70s about Disneyworld which I gave to my friend Ryan whose family is Disney-obsessed. :) Got the apron pattern at the thrift store.

And I picked up this owl clock from the thrift store... any ideas on what to do about the missing eye on the little owl?

And I love stocking up on cheap Christmas items for next year! Found 2 boxes of Christmas cards, a little elf, and some really pretty Christmas stationery that is labeled "enclosure letter pad." I suppose they're for if you want to write way more than your Christmas card will allow!

Thanks for checking out my thrift report this week! I will be loading in a big bag to my booth soon! I also found a great deal on vintage glassware but they were all wrapped up so I'll take photos when I unwrap them at the booth!

If you're in Nashville, come see my booth every day at the Tennessee Antique Mall!

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  1. fun finds! i love that horse sweater!
    as for the missing eye, i would try to find abutton around the same size and shape and glue it on and then spray paint the whole thing and no one will ever notice!

  2. great finds! I say make the owl a pirate patch! :)
    Happy you have found something great to pass your time, let you shop AND make you some money!

  3. cassie, that is the exact idea i had too! but i went on and put it in my booth, "as-is" - and will see if it sells first... someone might like its' quirky imperfection! :)

  4. Love the little blue and white polka dot dress. Also the music box. Some little girl would cherish that. You never know what treasures are out there waiting to be discovered.

  5. Great finds! That little horse sweater *almost* makes me want to have a kid just so I can buy it. I think you did the right thing on leaving the clock as-is. There are people like me out there who embrace the imperfections and someone will take it home. I like their eyes, by the way. They are just like the old eyes that used to be on teddy bears back in the 50's and 60's.

  6. Great finds! I like Gail's idea of making a pirate patch but I'd probably leave it as is.


  7. I have that same clock hanging on my wall and it is missing the same eye. I bought it that way so Im sure someone will come along and buy yours

  8. i have that exact owl clock! and a ceramic one who looks just like it, but it about 30% bigger.
    and that horse sweater is so cute! i don't know if i want to have kids, but i have a stash of vintage kids clothes that i have gotten at estate sales for cheap, just in case.

  9. I love your recent thrifts, especially the sweet music box and the apron pattern. Great finds!

  10. love the kid sweater with the horse...and shoot on the re glued owl...i've done that a few times too. always makes me irritated at myself and determined not to do it again!

  11. Crafters' "owl eyes" :)

  12. Crafters' "owl eyes" :)


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