Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Booth Updates: Valentine's Day!

January was such a great month in the booth, which left some holes to fill! I haven't really had time to thrift since we got Lucy but luckily I had some stock stored upstairs in our attic that I was holding onto for spring, but the weather was warm last week so it seemed ok to go on and stock!

I got a really cool typewriter at an estate sale recently but it might not sell quickly because some other booths in the mall have much cheaper typewriters. Not sure why they're priced so low, but I always sell them for $45 and feel like that's pretty standard... so... we'll see what happens!

I love creating little vignettes and thought the fawn and succulent looked cute together!

I created a little Valentine section with great classic books (Pride and Prejudice, for example!), a pink frame sent to me from Stephanie, some gold pantyhose, a flowery alarm clock, a cute kissing couple trivet, "heats and flowers" stationery, pink and white glasses, cute mouse stationery, and a pink/purple trivet. Nothing was explicitly Valentine-y, but I hoped that grouped together they would convey a Valentine theme. After a week grouped like that, I hadn't sold anything... but there's still hope. I haven't been up there since Saturday, so maybe something sold since then!

I added some new dresses to the booth and moved the children's clothes to the back wall so they would be more easily seen. I have been pretty surprised that none of the cute kids' clothes have sold yet!

I also added a white enamel-top table.

Some of my "spring" items - I love the orange watering can!

Thanks for checking out my updates! If you're in Nashville, stop by the Tennessee Antique Mall at 654 Wedgewood Ave!

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  1. My January was exceptional too! Which sort of surprised me. Think Feb. and March will be slower?

  2. My January was a bust! I'm sure hoping Feb March are a LOT better. :)
    I spied that new table right off! I'm not sure you told me about that. ;)
    I hope you have a fabulous Vt's day with that adorable hubs!

  3. *sigh*
    I just love your style. I would spend hours in your space I'm pretty sure!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  4. February and March are generally slower in a service industry, too. I always had a lot fewer clients then. I think that's when the final tally for Christmas comes in. :) Your booth looks great! I think $45 is a really fair price.

  5. I have to look under the sink to make sure my orange watering pitcher is still there. (I'm serious. I have that same one.)

  6. You just never know what is going to sell...it is trial and error right? But then again one month to the other sometimes can be so different in sales..I love the new spring items, I think other people will as well!

  7. You find some great goodies! I used to have antique booths, I miss it so much!! It's such a fun hobby.

  8. I hope you were able to sell the typewriter! I found a really similar one, a Royal Quiet De Luxe here http://sixballoons.blogspot.com/2011/05/royal-quiet-de-luxe-typewriter.html

    I had someone interested in buying it at $60 but my sister wanted it so she got dibs. Perhaps it's more irresistible if there is a piece of paper in it? Once you start typing, it's hard to stop!

  9. Your booth looks awesome! So colorful and fun. I love those enamel top tables. I really want one for myself, but I haven't found the right one at a price I can afford yet. Someday...
    As for the typewriter, I say stick to your guns on prices! You have to earn your way somehow, and hopefully people will be willing to pay for good quality :)


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