Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Favorite Finds: Stacie's Jacket and Belt

Today's Favorite Find comes from Stacie, one of my most favorite people I have met through my job. She is a super talented publicist and such a kind and generous friend! Stacie is passionate about thrifting and finds a lot of great clothes for herself and her daughter at Goodwill. I asked Stacie what her favorite items from Goodwill are, and she shares below!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

My big favorite find is the brown leather belt which I found at Goodwill. I was in line one day purchasing a few things and on a table near the register was this belt. Another day at the same Goodwill I found the jacket - it was half off that day too, so I think I paid $2.50.

What drew you to the belt/jacket?

I guess someone just laid the belt down on this table and ended up not wanting it. I'm glad they did because I love it and wear it all the time. It was $1. For the jacket, I love its color and it's just cotton and easy to wash and wear as a dress up jacket or casual.

What is your favorite memory in the belt/skirt?

I've just had the belt and jacket for a handful of months so I'm just starting to make memories...I know this belt is going to last me for years, it seems so well-made. Still can't believe
it was a buck.

Why do you love buying vintage/secondhand?

I love a bargain, and I love the search for a diamond in the rough. Plus, there's nothing better than owning something that had its own history before it became mine.

I agree, Stacie! I love knowing that my new favorite finds have had a life before me! Thanks so much for sharing, stylish lady!

PS - I am trying out another "favorite finds" banner. Do you have a preference??

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  1. Cute jacket... and I LOVE a great belt! :)
    as for banner-it's really cute! I'm having a difficult time remembering what the other looked like. (brain is OLD)


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