Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fun: What's On Our Bar?

We're not crazy partiers or anything, but we've set up a cute little bar in our dining room with some special items!

1. Did you know there is legal moonshine? If you've seen that new show Moonshiners, you would probably be surprised to know that there's actually a legal still in Tennessee! Ole Smoky Moonshine is based in Gatlinburg, TN and when I went with Andy's family to Gatlinburg for the first time in 2010, he & I visited the Ole Smoky Moonshine shop and test tasted it. It. was. awful! Ha! Andy liked it and when we went back last fall, he made sure to pick up some! It's fun to share with friends (more on that later!)

2. I love dragging Andy to estate sales. :) He is a great sport and sometimes he finds really great items! He found this beautiful decanter and glass set at an estate sale on his old street, actually. It's only for show right now, as the pump is a little funky.

3. We used this pretty glass for the communion juice at our wedding!

4. My mom found this great "flask satchel" at a thrift store. Not sure what it's officially called, but it's this great case that holds 2 beautiful glass flasks inside. They're a great way for Andy to take his 2 moonshine flavors for friends to try! The joke is that he calls it his "Irish lunch pail." (He's Scottish, so he takes the liberty of making fun of my people, the Irish.) :)

Please drink responsibly! I feel like I have to say that. We are adults and we consume responsibly and you should too. :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. I loved reading this post! :) You write so well, with humor and love! Happy that you reminded us to be responsible. hehehe
    Happy Friday jamie!

  2. We have this enormous jug of illegal moonshine hidden in the top of our cabinet. I'm pretty sure that if the feds raid us, they won't know the difference between that and the legal kind though. :) I can't stand the stuff. I imagine that it's what drinking lighter fluid might be like.

  3. Don't they always talk about "Goin' legal" on that show? Haha, I wonder if you have to first do it illegally to get the hang of it before you open a legal still? Very cool!

  4. Rumor has it that the barn across the road from us used to have a still set up in an underground room. The still exploded and killed two men. They remaining moonshiners just filled the room in with sand and didn't say a word to anyone. I asked the owner, and he said the tack room downstairs in the barn is filled with sand!
    Your bar looks really cute, Jamie! I love the vintage decanter set.


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