Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lucy's First Play Date!

Last week, Lucy got her last round of shots, which meant she could finally meet other dogs! I am so excited to socialize her with other pups. We took her up to Nashville Pet Products on Friday to break the ice and meet new people and pups and she did great! Everyone at the shop loved her - she is the belle of the ball wherever we go! She is really great with people and we were so eager to introduce her to dogs!

We took her to our friends Shannon and Grey's house, where they have 2 smaller adorable dogs - Hank and Lila who are both about 3 years old. Hank has an old soul, though, and was not interested in playing with energetic Lucy at all! We joked that he's the "Get off my lawn!" kinda guy.
Lila and Lucy play similarly, but Lila wasn't sure what to make of Lucy when Lucy would pounce or paw at her. It took them all some time to warm up and when Molly, who Shannon and Grey were dogsitting, came out to play - everything changed! She and Lucy chased and chased and chased each other and Lila got in on the action and the three of them had so much fun!

Lucy played non-stop for almost 3 hours which meant even the next day, she was still totally groggy! I got some hilarious photos mid-action (like the one above) which make Lucy look crazy, but really she was just having a blast! In the below photos, Lila is the all black pup and Molly is the pomeranian-ish one. (Not sure of her exact mix!)

Lucy has crazy eyes! She is so fun. I'll try to post videos from her playdate soon!

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  1. That picture is HILARIOUS! I love the wild eyes!

  2. whoa! that's a crazy face! :) I should have visited AFTER the playdate, not before. hahaha
    great pics jamie. So happy that Lucy got to socialize. If she's anything like her parents, this is just the beginning!

  3. She does look like she's having a ball! That crazy face is too funny!

  4. so cute! i wish my girls liked playing, they could have a play date! they would probably just hide and then go to sleep. haha.

  5. Aw that's so cute! It's great to be a proud dog mom, right?!


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