Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Favorite Finds: Beth's Typewriter

Remember on Easter when I posted Beth's new Easter dress? I asked Beth if she had a Favorite Find to contribute and of course she had something awesome! See her favorite find below and be sure to read her amazing blog!


What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

My favorite find is a 1929 L.C. Smith & Corona typewriter. I found this beauty at the bottom of a huge bin at the Goodwill Outlet in Nashville, TN for $5.00!

What were your first thoughts when you saw it?

My first thought? 'This is perfect! Why is this treasure among mounds of Christmas wrapping paper and mismatched slippers?!?'

Do you use it? Did you have to do any cleaning/restoration?

I don't use it, although I wish I did! It needs a new ink ribbon which I hear I can purchase online and it should still work! It was pretty dusty so I gave it a good cleaning with a q-tip and a dusting rag.

Where does it "live" now in your house? 

This gem lives in my dining room and sits upon our buffet. It's a nice talking point when guests come over.

Why do you love buying vintage/secondhand?  

I love buying vintage/secondhand for various reasons. The first reason is I love the thrill of the hunt! To find a vintage treasure among 'junk' is such a thrill to me. The second reason is it's unique! If your house is full of vintage or second hand items, there is always a story attached to that item and most likely no one else will have something like it. Lastly, it's affordable! I can go shopping much more often if I purchase items at $5 rather than than $50 items.

So true, Beth! Thank you for sharing your typewriter with us!

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  1. $5!!!?? What a steal! That's a seriously cool typewriter!


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