Friday, May 25, 2012

Corner of our world: Vintage chair

Just a little corner of our room - I finally cleaned all the laundry off this chair and mopped the floors so it was time to take a new photo of this little corner. :)

Got the chair a few years ago at the Goodwill Outlet for $4! Amazing. The yellow pillow is from Urban Outfitters (a wedding gift from our friends Will & Cali), the curtains are actually tablecloths from, and the black pillow is handmade by me. The nightstand is from when I was on A&E's design show "Find and Design" yeaaaaars ago and it supposedly came from the flea market, but you never know with a reality/tv design show!

(I've probably never mentioned the show here before - when I first bought my house, my roommate and I were on the show and they re-did the extra bedroom into a "shabby chic party pad." The only thing that remains in that room from that design is the light fixture! My style has completely changed and the room is now Andy's office!)

In other chair news, if you live in the Nashville area, check out this chair that I am selling. If you're interested, please email me!

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  1. Everything is just perfect together. And it's SO funny about that chair! Lisa posted your ad on her Facebook page and we have both oohed and ahhed over the chair!

  2. I love this corner! So cute. Love the punch of yellow. I can't believe you got that chair for $4! Score for sure.

  3. I've always loved both the nightstand and that chair.
    Hoping your flower power chair sells soon.

  4. Bahaha! Laundry chair! There is one of those in my house too. Mine is a big roomy papasan that holds loads and loads of laundry. lol I really should clean it off and sit in it because it is the ONLY piece of furniture I bought new.
    I love that pillow. And I'm really glad you stopped by my blog and said hi :)


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