Monday, June 18, 2012

What's in my "tool" box?

If you have a booth, you might have a go-to kit of supplies. Below is my little "tool" box!

My mom and I discovered "show-off" plastic tubs/cases years & years ago and we both love them - they are really versatile. It works so well for toting the things I need to and from the TN Antique Mall!



I like to be prepared so I keep a variety of items in my kit! Do you have a booth? Have you discovered any other handy items and tools? Let me know!

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  1. We have very similar "toolboxes". I have some pegboard hooks in mine, along with safety pins! But now I want some FB cards! BRILLIANT!

  2. Oh! I should mention that I also have business cards and post cards in my booth along with the facebook cards. :)

  3. great stuff! I use one of those blue Meijer bags to tote my stuff. I have a gorilla glue "tool box" inside of it to hold these type of items. :)

    have you considered including a sticker or card with every purchase, so that people remember where they got their goodies?

  4. This is such a neat post! We have many of the same items in our toolboxes. I also carry furniture repair "markers." These are great for quick touch-ups on picture frames, etc. You can find these at a big box store -- or even the dollar store.

    I use tons of easels (plate holders). I use them to display books and cookbooks. It really adds nice dimension. Windex and paper towels are a must have for me.

    Again-- great post! I discovered your blog a week or so ago and have enjoyed reading!

  5. Brilliant! My tool kit at the shop looks very similar, but also has Restore-A-Finish, rags, super glue, lightbulbs, a re-wiring kit for lamps, and plastic baggies for old magazines.

  6. Those are all great additional items!


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