Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wanted: Pet Owl!

I might be really behind - maybe you all have seen this already, but if not - you will love it!

There is a YouTube star named Promise Phan who gives herself amazing makeovers to make herself look like anyone from Angelina Jolie to Princess Jasmine to Adele. Her transformations are unbelievable!

She also, incredibly, has a pet owl who is adorable. Check out the video below of her sweet little owl:

Doesn't it make you want to run out and get one?? I know that's not realistic at all, but it's fun to think about having an owl buddy. :)

Things have been slow around here - I will pick things back up soon. I have lots of fun goodies to show you for the booth and a dining room update and some new art that I got at an estate sale and life updates... Coming soon!

If you're new to Owl Really, welcome! Please check out my favorite posts and consider subscribing! :)


  1. How oddly fun that was to watch! The funniest thing was in the CAR! :) I kept waiting for the whoo whooo....at the very end when it finally happened, Louie (the grand dog) roused up from his morning nap and looked at the computer! (briefly) then back to zzzzz for him.

    Matt (the cat) on the other hand never even noticed.

  2. THE CAR!!!! Oh my goodness! And then sleeping! Ohhhh cute!


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