Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Estate Sale Art

Recently there was a really unique estate sale on Music Row featuring hundreds of autographs and hundreds of pieces of art - plus tons of other really interesting things! Rae posted photos from the sale here.

I was really overwhelmed by the amount of items for sale, but I managed to find two pieces of art that I really loved. I hardly ever buy original art, but it tends to be more affordable at estate sales and therefore more accessible. The homeowner's father helped found the Tennessee Art League and he and his wife supported any and every local artist they met by buying art from them. There was so, so, so much art!

On a table piled high of unframed art, I found the below pieces. The first was really intriguing - a forest scene that was complete except for the deer. I'm going through a bit of a deer phase right now anyway, but I just thought it was so cool how everything was finished except for them. There are pencil outlines and marks, but no paint. It's so unique and now hangs in our dining room.

deer painting


The second piece I bought looks straight from Etsy. I'm not sure when it was painted but it looks really modern. I like its unusual size/shape and the colors match the majority of our living room. It just looks peaceful!

girl painting

Click to see what Rae and Lisa found at the same sale!

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  1. both art pieces are unique for sure. I love the smaller one, it just makes me smile and it looks perfect with your owls!!!

  2. I love those a lot. That deer one looks SO familiar to me for some reason. Like I've seen a piece done in a similar way...but unfortunately, I'll probably never figure out what I'm thinking of! : )

  3. those are great! i LOVE the deer one! i didn't even look through that pile of prints because that sale was so overwhelming. really great finds.

  4. I love both pieces. They seem to really fit your home. I love your owl lamp and the little owl sitting next to him. So cute!

  5. Thanks everyone! The owl lamp was from a few years ago and the little one next to it is a lucky owl from Japan in EPCOT. Whichever color you bought was supposed to bring different kinds of luck to you.. I think the gold one was prosperity. :)


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