Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Minibooks by Owl Really


I spent a whole Saturday making these mini-books out of vintage children's books and random paper and notebooks I bought at an estate sale*. I love repurposing paper that would have gone in the trash otherwise!

I am considering re-opening my Etsy shop and selling the books online... but if any blog readers are interested in one, please drop me a line and we can just set up a paypal transaction! They will be $10 with free shipping within the US. Since they're my first effort in book-making, they're not perfect, but they're really cute and one of a kind! They are 4x6 on average with a few that are smaller. If you'd like a closer photo of one, I can send that to you if you describe it.

*I was really happy to find two huge boxes of paper at a recent sale - it was such a great way to stock up on a wide variety of paper for these notebooks. The insides of my books range from construction paper to graph paper to notebook paper to other sorts of vintage lined paper that I had not seen before.

estate sale paper

I think the Non-Consumer Advocate would be really proud of me. When I decided to cut paper for hours, I knew my little sliding paper cutter wouldn't really cut it. (haha, get it? "cut it") I posted to Facebook, asking if anyone had a paper cutter I could borrow. A friend responded that she did and she brought it to me since she was on her way to the grocery near my house. When she handed it to me, she said I could keep it! Woohoo!


It made life (and making books) much easier!

Let me know if you're interested in one of the books... I hope people are! :)

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  1. NICE!!! Paper cutters are a good thing to have. I use my school one all the time.

    Such cute little books!!!!

  2. Your books are sooo cute! I like the one on the bottom left. Reminds me of my childhood. :)
    great job jamie. Happy you had the use of your new paper cutter...nice!

  3. They are SO cute! I'm sending my daughter over to see these.

  4. They are really cute. You did a great job.

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  6. Ack! Sorry, I totally messed up the first comment. These are so cute! I think I might need one...

  7. Very cute! I am glad that you are do stuff like this. :)


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