Monday, August 20, 2012

Thrift Report: August Finds

Just a few things I've found recently... I went to a very interesting estate sale of a woman who owned a wallpaper business and lived in one half of her business. It was a beautiful house with lots of character. She is moving to Mexico and so she was selling her entire stash of crafts - which worked well for me!

I found an awesome embroidery book from the 70s with tons of great embroidery/crewel patterns inside and at Goodwill, I picked up a french grammar book. At the estate sale, I grabbed 4 vintage maps, some library book envelope thingies, and some casters that I'm going to give my mom for her projects.

august finds

At Goodwill, I found some crazy graph paper. I can't wait to cut it up for minibooks!

wilson graph paper

That's all for now! I hope you've been finding great stuff too. :)

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  1. Ah...that graph paper brings back tons of memories. I was an accountant before I retired. While in college, I worked for a CPA. We would use this graph paper to write down all the income and expenses for a business. In pencil and in tiny print - look how small the columns are LOL Was I ever grateful for the computer age to arrive

  2. Oh my goodness - hearing that you actually used this paper for accounting makes my head spin!! The columns are so tiny! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. I was thinking that ledger must have been torture to use!
    good stuff! I appreciate you picking up the casters for me.


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