Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thrift Report: California Dreamin'

what i bought in california

We had so much fun thrifting in California! Stephanie took us to so many amazing places - everywhere from a strip of 12 thrift stores in Poway to antique malls in Ocean Beach, to Goodwill in Escondido, to estate sales in Kensington and Point Loma!

I found many things for myself and for my booth. I love buying sewing supplies at estate sales - you can get such a good deal on a variety of thread. I like to stock up on thread so I'm not scrounging around in the middle of a project for the right color! Also found some elastic thread which I use all the time when making dresses. And extra bobbins - you can never have enough bobbins. :)

I also found a really fun crewel piece of jolly little bears and a vintage 45 holder. There's a great children's book about New York that was re-released some years ago but all the original illustrations are inside. I also love this Betty Crocker cooking calendar - it was great suggestions on what to cook when. I will be selling the books and the 45 holder and the crewel piece.

I'm keeping the alphabet stamps, the vintage sheet (either to make a dress out of or to use as a picnic blanket), and the beautiful cloth napkins. I haven't decided on whether or not to keep the scarf yet!

I also picked up a little notebook that I will either cut up the pages of, or glue my own images to the outside. Still figuring that out. :)

what i bought in california2

I loved thrifting in California! The prices didn't seem too outrageous- I found a ton of great deals! These items will be in my booth later this week- stay tuned for them if you're local.

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  1. all fun finds! It was fun thrifting and going to estate sales! Somehow I missed the Betty Crocker cooking calendar.


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