Monday, August 13, 2012

Thrift Report: Owl Really Staples

Some of the below finds were found by my mom. She often goes out hunting for junk and texts me photos when she sees something she figures I'd like. She found the typewriters and the fan below! The fan doesn't work (it's missing the power cord!) but it still looks so awesome. Hopefully someone will want it just for it to sit and look cool.

I always try to keep a typewriter and fan in my booth, so these are "Owl Really Staples."



The brown bag is a Goodwill find and the bottles were given to me by a colleague. He collected bottles as a kid and when he was home for Christmas, his mom told him to do something with the bottles so he brought them to me! There are some really cool ones and I priced them below ebay value so they are priced to sell!


I found this awesome retro bread box and considered keeping it for craft supplies but then I decided I've been keeping too many of my finds lately and would rather put it in the booth. :)

Thanks for checking my recent finds out! Post a link to your favorite finds, I would love to check them out!

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  1. Love every last bit! I would buy the fan to just sit somewhere and look cool!

  2. Just over from Theresa's Southern Country Home and I am loving all your great finds! I inherited most of our vintage, but here lately have been doing a little flea market shopping. It's addictive... and I love it! Come over to Granny Mountain for a visit when you have the time~
    Joy C.

  3. great stuff! that typewriter looks pretty cool closeup! Happy I found it for you! Even the fan looks cool...I guess you snipped the cord? The patina is awesome on it. :)
    love the bread box. I hope it all sells really quickly in your booth.

  4. What great finds - love the idea of using an old gread box as craft storage (I come across these fairly often). By the way, I just set up a booth (3 shelves really) at a local antique market, and I just started a blog about it. You are one of my inspiations :-)

  5. Ooops, here is a link to my blog (still quite new at this)

  6. Those are great staples, I love old typewriters :)

    What Lola Wants

  7. LOVE the typewriters. They always look so stylish and distinctive! Good staples.


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