Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Find your HomeGoods StyleScope

Jessica of How About Orange posted a link to HomeGoods' StyleScope quiz. It's super easy- you just pick 5 images that resonate with you and it diagnoses your style!

I got "Sassy!"

I do love daisies and bright colors... There's even a little boston terrier (or maybe a french bulldog?) in that photo frame - and OWLS! I kinda like chevrons although I don't think I own anything with a chevron pattern.

The sassy description says:

Sassy is just that! She couldn't be short on personality if she tried. She expresses herself with playful colors, fun patterns, and an unabashed boldness—all acquired at very savvy prices. She knows her style, and she's not afraid to take risks and have fun. When you visit a Sassy friend, you can't help but smile.

Sounds pretty accurate, I think! I like small doses of bright colors, though - I gravitate more (in decorating) to more muted, vintage-inspired colors.

All in all, a fun and quick style quiz! 

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  1. yep, I'd say you're sassy! Mine ended up being classic... not sure about that one!
    fun quiz!

  2. I got "New Country". Um yeah, just because I like horses and cut wood does not mean I am all that comfortable with that label...

    Sassy is spot on for you though :-)

  3. Hey, Sassy! Wow, I got "New Country" which totally doesn't seem like me. I think the horses threw that thing off. : )

  4. How fun! I'm going to go do it right now. :)


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