Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Private Estate Sale Finds

I mentioned Monday that Brodie let me shop a house he is closing out. (He'll be opening it to the public this weekend - stay tuned for more information on that!)

Here's what I found minus a few larger items that I haven't pulled out of the garage to clean up yet!

private estate sale finds 1

This white scale is in the best shape I've seen a scale in! The former owner of the house was a hair stylist, so there were a few wigs and wig holders at the sale. I loved this mannequin head's make up!

I try not to pass up 45/record holders even though I haven't really sold one yet! They're just so cool and funtional... I'm just waiting for the right buyer. :) This cake stand looks like fancy cut crystal, but it was plastic. Perfect for klutzes like me. :)

private estate sale finds 2

I like checking out estate fridges for fun magnets and this apple didn't disappoint! I picked up a cast iron skillet for me and Andy - just days before I had told him that I felt like the mark of at true southern lady was having and using cast iron. Because I'm actually a little scared of the work it takes to keep it up and make sure it stays in good shape, I felt that secondhand cast iron was a great choice for me right now. Low investment, low risk!

I love love love this miniature green stapler. I reluctantly put it in my booth but I might have to go rescue it. It's so cute and tiny. The red box is just a fun case, not sure what it was originally used for. This flowered bag was full of knitting materials but you could use it for anything! I really really like it and might have to go rescue IT as well. :)

private estate sale finds 3

Cute mustard-y mugs with a faint pattern on them, a Grand Ole Opry House fan (so cool!) and a wire basket. There was such a variety of items at this house and I'm so happy that her items will live on and make other people happy too.

I also picked up a few envelopes of old Opry tickets from the 70s and 80s. We're trying to figure out what to do with them and we need to research and see if there's a comprehensive list of the Opry schedule. (The tickets don't have the artist names on them.) They are so well-designed and each night's ticket is a different color! They're so fun. I will have to do a post on them when we figure out who they are for!

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  1. I'm drooling over that wire basket. I would buy that in your booth!

  2. omigosh -- the tickets sound amazing -- would love to sort through THOSE! I am also coveting the wire basket (can you ever have too many) and the stapler is divine!

    PS - Cast Iron ain't that hard darling :) We dragged ours out to the firepit a week ago for homemade popcorn straight on the fire and it did well. It is actually easier in some ways because you just scrub it to death and don't worry about the finish. I usually put some water in it and boil whatever has "stuck" to the pan, then give it a quick scrub. Nw it is sounding like it is is not really -- glad you found a cheapy!

  3. The wighead's makeup! SO "guest-star on this week's episode of Bonanza". I love it! :) Also, kudos on the cast iron...they really make everything magically taste better. Let us know what your inaugural dish is!

  4. The tickets really are cool! I found them just as I was about to "check out" with my friend. Andy wants to do some art with them but I think I convinced him to scan them and do art with printed copies of them. :)

    It seems as though there are so many rules with cast iron. it kinda stresses me out!

  5. very cool stuff! love the cake taker, it looks like glass. :)
    great idea to use the copies of the tickets for artwork.

  6. that scale is so neat!— i've been hoping to find the perfect vintage one for so long now!

  7. Wow- what a lucky girl to get to go thru an estate sale before the public. It's nice to have friends in high places:)
    Love the stuff, especially the wire basket, the Opry tickets, and that scale!!!!

  8. All cute! I love that vintage mannequin head!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!


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