Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our Tiny Christmas Tree (And This American Life Update)

Last year, we put our Christmas tree in front of our dining room window because we had a tiny little dining room table and it could fit. In January, we replaced our dining room table with this awesome Craigslist find and now we don't have room for our tree!

So, we bought a very tiny itsy bitsy tree.

Christmas tree

It's tiny. But, I love it! My mom sent us home from Thanksgiving with a small box of special ornaments from my granny's* house including ornaments that my mammaw and great-grandmother made.

heirloom ornaments

I love them! I grew up with some of these types of ornaments and now I love having my own!

I've also been hanging on to a needlepoint ornament from Andy's family. It's so special to have a tree that is strictly sentimental!

*My granny is my great-aunt who "adopted" me after my mammaw passed away. She's amazing!

Roostergate update! I talked to Ira twice yesterday and we'll talk again today. As a former interviewer, it is so fun to be interviewed by someone I admire so much!

Before I knew where the rooster lived, it was easy to think, "I'll call animal control since there's a rooster running loose," but it feels more human and more personal now that we know which house he belongs to.

Ira convinced me that we should go talk to our neighbors rather than calling animal control on them. I had been feeling really conflicted - I don't want anything bad to happen to the rooster, but he needs to live elsewhere for his safety and my sanity. It's just not safe to have a rooster running loose on a busy, residential street!

We tried talking to our neighbors last night but they wouldn't answer their door the three times we knocked, even though someone was clearly home. We talk to Ira at 11 today and I'm afraid the story has been roadblocked by the fact they won't answer their door to talk to us. I might try this morning before I go to work. Wish us luck!

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  1. OH NO! Lurk around waiting for signs of life and ambush them!!!!!! HA! I hope you're able to talk to them.

    Love the sentimental tree. Very special.

  2. Your tree is precious...glad you have all those lovely pieces.

    Those people know exactly why you're knockin' on their you're not the only one who's doing so.

  3. what a special little tree! and oh i am still getting a thrill every time you write ira. how cool that you are talking with him!

  4. I checked out your blog early this morning, but I could never get the pictures to load. :( hmph!
    I was going through my reader just now, and they loaded there.
    cute tree! I did my HD military visit today, and the tree they gave them was a CORNER tree, quite genius actually. I want one! :)
    love your vintage ornaments, perfect for your itsy bitsy tree.

  5. I traded in my tree this year too for something much smaller. The hubby called me a scrooge. However it always seems to be us gals moving around the furniture and cleaning to make room for the Christmas tree.


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