Monday, January 7, 2013

Andy's Favorite Kind Of Heirloom

My Granny recently downsized and gave us loads of records and 45s.  Andy has been going through all the various 45s he has and found this awesome one he got from her:

It's a first pressing of Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two! Complete with an address label from my uncle Roscoe (Granny's husband - remember, she's actually my great-aunt) :).

It's so sweet to me for Andy to have this because he never got to meet Uncle Roscoe/grandpa. I wish they could have met because I think they would have had fun talking about all these old songs. I'm thankful that we have his old 45s and can think of him when we spin them.

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  1. awwww, what a great find! Uncle Roscoe sure did love music! I'm happy that someone who appreciates the music was able to get it.

  2. That is a fantastic find! I still dream of finding an authentic Sun Records label - but with Elvis :-)

  3. I recently also inherited a pretty good stock of records. My dad bought a lot of them overseas so they have fantastic spelling errors and asian script on them. I also found a copy of Live from Folsom Prison with his stuff which has been so fun to listen to.

  4. I have a Sun label of Jerry Lee Lewis doing "Whole Lotta Shakin"-- B side is one of my very favorites, too, "It'll Be Me". Johnny Cash-- first pressing!--what a great find, and in the family, too! It's nice to have both the cool 45 AND the memories. :)

  5. SO cool! I love when people put those address labels on records. I always have to go and research the addresses just for fun.

  6. Wow - that's amazing! Not only is it an insane find, but that it belonged to someone you loved so much is especially great.


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