Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eartha Kitsch's Favorite Find of 2012

I'm still reminiscing about 2012! I asked some of my friends to tell us about their absolute favorite finds of the year. Eartha Kitsch (of Ranch Dressing with Eartha Kitsch) tells us about her very fun favorite finds below!

It's a hard call but I think that my favorite find of 2012 was a bunch of Sears catalogs from the 1950's and 1950's that I found in an estate sale basement. I'd been looking for catalogs from that timeframe for decades and POOF! there they were! There were dozens and dozens of them but since they are so heavy, I could only carry ten out of the basement. I went back later but only a few torn copies were left - of course, I got those too! I wasn't going to pass up any opportunity to go dream shopping back in the day!

Honest to goodness, when I sit down with those catalogs and begin to flip through the pages, I completely lose all track of time or decade. I've actually caught myself thinking, "I'm going to order that!" before reality sets in and I realize that I am several decades too late!   : )

See more amazing photos from the catalogs here!

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  1. I am gonna love this series! FUN STUFF!

  2. Thanks for sharing my fave, Jamie! It's taking all that I have on this rainy day not to curl up with those catalogs right now. : )

  3. Oh wow - bonafide vintage catalogs! They would be a worse (better) timesuck than facebook :-)

  4. those are so cool! i wish i would have grabbed a few at that sale to flip through!

  5. Those are so fun. A while back, I found a bunch of 17 magazines from 1984 and I read them cover to cover twice. they were just so dated and fantastic.


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