Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Look For Owl Really: Stained Shelves!

Hang on, guys - something really exciting happened over the weekend!


I stained the "shelves" in my booth!

WOOO HOOO, exciting huh? :)

When I first moved into my booth, I didn't have shelves so I made some with wood from Home Depot and pegs... and a year and a half later, they were still there and looking pretty blah. Inspired by Mad Maine painting her booth last weekend, I decided to stain my wood shelves. 

In the photo below, you can see a stained shelf on top and an unstained one on the bottom.

before after shelves

I like them so much better stained! After this photo was taken, I switched out the bottom shelf for a stained one.

I worked on my booth both Friday and Monday afternoons... I think Friday's work really helped. When I checked on Friday, I had only sold enough to cover half my rent. When I checked today, I had far surpassed my rent thanks to selling the black fan! I knew breaking out one of the big guns would help!

 More to come this week about the booth and new items!

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  1. This weekend helped put me over the hump too! And I rearranged! Yahoo for surpassing rent and revamping your space!

  2. Yay - and what a nice contrast to your white pegboard. I really like that rustic look. (Also, what a good idea that the shelves are removable!)
    Your blue bags are adorable grouped together btw (not sur I could NOT have bought one of those if I were browsing your booth). Thanks for the shout-out too :-)

  3. They look awesome! And congrats on selling the fan! I want to make the leap to selling in an antique booth sometime. I just worry I wouldn't make enough each month--but I'm wanting to do that more and more!

  4. So glad the weekend picked up for you. Mine was pretty good too. People must be in the spending mood. Then it died off to nothing the past couple of days.

    It's been a week. I really need to get out there and work it.

    Using those peg hooks and boards was a good idea. I have a couple of spots in my booth where that will come in handy.


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