Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Owl Really Customers: Susan's Typewriter!

When I started my new job in September, I started working on an awesome team full of really great, talented people. One of those people is Susan!

Susan saw me me instagram a ton of booth photos a few weeks ago and she fell in love with the typewriter I was selling!


She bought the typewriter and took it home and it looks so great in its new place--check out that card catalog!!


Love it! I'm so happy Suz found the typewriter of her dreams and that I could be a part of that adventure! :)

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  1. That. Card. Catalog. Now THAT would be a dream to find. You cannot get them around here for a decent price.

  2. Oh wow! That looks fantastic!

  3. Love it! And I bet it's as heavy as a boulder too! It looks absolutely perfect on that card catalog too.

  4. It looks so great in her house! Great find!


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