Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentines and Owls - New in the booth!

I have some booth updates!

I spent 6 hours attempting to thrift on Saturday. I wanted to go to an estate sale about 45 minutes away in Gallatin, so I googled thrift stores nearby and wrote down and mapped tons of addresses. Traffic was AWFUL on 65 - completely stopped - so it took me an hour to get to Rivergate which is only about 25 minutes away. The morning didn't get much better! Most of the places I googled no longer exist and I didn't find anything to buy at most of the places I stopped. It was frustrating! My booth needed new inventory and I was coming up empty.

Fortunately, I had been decluttering my little attic craft and storage space and had collected a bunch of things to take to the booth. Let's take a look!

 This owl bank is something I picked up on my day of thrifting - it's not my FAVORITE owl in the world, but I will rarely pass up an owl. :) Moving on to the next photo, I found the "big eye kids" in my stash of stuff upstairs and finally put them in the booth. The brown box in front of them was my auction freebie! I was bidding on a box of loot at an auction last Friday but lost the lot. I asked the winner if he wanted the owl box and he said nope, and gave it to me. Fun!

In the bottom photo, I have various Valentines and stationery. Come shop for V-day!

booth b 1-23-13

Just a few figurines including souvenirs and owls--plus a close up of the free owl box! I suppose it's actually a little wooden purse--it has a little chain inside that used to be screwed into the top.

I bought a box of buttons and spent some time separating them out into little bags. There are some super cute options! Under that, a brownie movie camera!

I was having a really hard time figuring out how to make the board games look interesting, so I decided to prop them up in my "afghan suitcase." They'd be pretty good for a low-key date night!

booth things 1-23-13

Below, I changed up a shelf to be really colorful! It's fun to move things around, place on different walls, and switch up all the color coordinating.

And then under that, I have my pretty cheesy Valentine's shelf. :) I grabbed anything that was pink, red, or looked like it could remotely be Valentiney. I recommend a fondue date night - pick up your vintage pot and skewers in my booth! Lots of great gift ideas like a wooden key ("key to my heart"), a vintage Coca-Cola ad with a cute couple, a red thermos, a few versions of Pride & Prejudice, and so much more!

booth 1-23-13

Come shop if you're in town! Pick up a sweet gift for your sweetie. :)

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  1. You have inspired me to make a little Valentine's shelf in my booth - the fondue idea is great! Also, your owl collection is great! And the buttons! I will have to fill up a basket of button grab bags too! Thanks, Jamie - I knew there was a reason I always love checking in on your booth updates :-)

  2. Cute stuff! I love the big eyed kids and the owl bank!

  3. I like the owl in the first picture.

    I also noticed, locally, that a lot of googled thrift stores no longer exist. I think people open second hand shops without having a clue about running a business. It would be quite irritating to be looking for those closed shops out of town.


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