Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flea Market Wrap-Up

Wellll, I've put off writing this post because the flea market was super disappointing!

The fairground where the flea market is held is huge. There are so many different buildings and barns and sheds and some are known for vintage and some are known for junk and some just aren't known! It's funny talking to friends about their favorite flea market spots...there are certain buildings I love that some people have never even been in, and vice versa. I didn't even know there was a cafe at the fairgrounds because I never head to that side!

So, all that to say, we moved our booth to Wilson Hall, which I thought would be super successful but it turns out hardly anyone knows Wilson Hall exists! It's one of my favorites to walk through, so that was surprising to me!

I sold about $70 worth of merchandise, which just wasn't really worth it when you take into consideration the time and energy it took to prepare, set up, load out, etc.

It was really fun to see people though -- lots of friends came out and I finally got to meet Lauren and Kimmie in person. Lauren's husband took this photo of us at the flea:

Audrey Assad stopped by and made a purchase--I got to know her through my former job and she is very, very talented. She has something cool in the works and this window will be part of it!

I would consider doing the flea market again maybe--if I could sublease for one day (Sat or Sun) and I knew for sure that the spot was good. I think I'll just stick with my booth though, and maybe smaller festivals like Making Merry in Berry Hill--where I always do pretty well!

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  1. that is a bummer! i'm not sure where wilson hall is either. i always start in the back barn, then go to the rabbit barn, then around to that big covered area and then antique alley. i hardly ever bother going in the main buildings because there is so much junk in there! i'll have to check out wilson hall next time!

  2. Glad I finally got to meet you, too! I actually love the building you guys were in, maybe because I hate the crowds...and love that its always warm and cozy when its cold out.


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