Thursday, May 16, 2013

Did You Know The Dick Van Dyke Show Theme Has Lyrics?

We all know I'm totally obsessed with the Dick Van Dyke show and so of course I follow the show page (run by TV Land) on Facebook. This week, they shared an old clip of Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore on the Rachael Ray show. He is so incredibly charming and wonderful that this clip almost made me cry! I so wish there was a way to see him (or better yet, them!) in person somehow before it's too late. (Sorry for the slightly morbid sentiment - I would just love to see them somehow!)

The Rachael Ray video player won't let me embed the video, so click below to see him sing the lyrics to the theme song and to hear who he and Mary Tyler Moore would cast to play Rob and Laura if they could cast from actors today. I like Mary's answer for Rob!

the petries

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  1. I've always loved how animated and expressive his face his. Like a living cartoon...

  2. Thanks for that Jamie, what a pleasure to watch!

  3. how fun! that was really sweet. :)


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