Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Fun: Vintage Family Photos + The Circus!

Continuing with my Friday tradition, I'm posting vintage photos from my childhood! This week, we visit the circus circa 1984!

july 83- april 84  370

I call this my circus stupor look. I look a little dazed, but happy!

july 83- april 84  362

Looks like we've got some jugglers...

july 83- april 84  364

Oooh and the motorcycle wheel of death thingy with tigers doing tricks underneath!

july 83- april 84  365

july 83- april 84  366

More tiger tricks!

july 83- april 84  368

Lots of elephants!

july 83- april 84  369


july 83- april 84  376

This might be the welcome or finale parade?

I haven't been to the circus in forever but these photos bring back the awe of it to me!

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