Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Goats at Sugar's Ribs in Chattanooga!

Last week, we took a quick trip to Atlanta to see a live recording of my favorite podcast, Professor Blastoff, and to go to Ikea. (More on that later!)


We discovered Sugar's Ribs last fall when we drove past Chattanooga to go white water rafting. We liked it so much, and there's a great reason to stop, so we ate lunch there Friday.

What's the great reason to stop??



The restaurant is on a ridge and I suppose they can't mow the grass on their property because of the steep incline, so they have GOATS! The cutest goats ever.


When we went in September, the goats were on the side of the hill, walking around this elaborate setup:


But on Friday, they were in a small gated area and we could get close to them.


Andy was brave enough to reach out to them but I was a little shy. When I was a kid, I had a run-in with a goat at a petting zoo at Halloween. It ate my Little Red Riding Hood cape...while I was wearing it!


I mean, come on. How cute are they?!


I'm trying to convince Andy that we need a goat.He's not a fan of that plan.


I told him he wouldn't have to mow anymore!


I guess we'll have to just keep driving to Chattanooga for my goat fix!! :)

I told my friend Emily about how much I love the goats (she and her fiance were with us the first time we saw them) and she sent me this video. OH MY GOSH. Baby goats are so playful! I want one as a friend for Lucy. :)

Cutest thing I've ever seen!!

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  1. Oh gosh, goats are so cute! And a little maniacal. I'm with you - when I was a little kid, we went to Six Flags and a goat started eating my clothes in a petting zoo. I was completely terrified. I thought that the goat was trying to eat me.

  2. Hahaha,goats crack me up! We were driving to Minneapolis we stopped at a rest area and saw one just sitting in the back of a mini van, chillin...
    And every year the park association near my house rents 500 goats (probably not that many but it toatlly seems like that) and lets them loose in the park and on the trails to clear the over growth. It is the funniest thing to see!
    All of that said, you need a goat!

  3. oh my gosh... those goats are so cute, and that video is hilarious! :)

    lucy definitely needs a baby goat.

  4. i'm laughing SO HARD!!! one of my dreams/goals is to own a fainting goat!!! have you seen those in action?! good grief...



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