Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What A Difference A Frame Makes

Estate sales are my favorite places to find art - great variety and great prices!


A local art gallery closed and an estate sale company has been helping liquidate the art. I went by awhile back and picked up a few piece, including the above piece. 

Soon after I bought it, I found a wooden frame at another estate sale for 50 cents. I then zoomed over to Joann's to pick up a mat that I thought would look nice with it.

When I put them all together though, I was really disappointed. It looked frumpy, I thought. Like hotel room art or something. Very old fashioned.



BUT, Ribba saves the day. I bought a bunch of different size Ribba frames at Ikea and brought them home to figure out what should go in them. One was perfect for my art!


I think it looks so fresh now. I don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but it almost makes me think of something Jenny from Little Green Notebook might have. (She has the BEST art and gallery walls!)

It's going above my chest of drawers in our bedroom. I'm looking around the house for 2 smaller pieces to hang next to them in a little arrangement.

I wish we had our own Ikea - it's such a pain to have to drive to Atlanta or beg friends to pick something up for you! Now that I have Ribba frames, I think I might be obsessed. Gotta get my hands on more!!

Edited to add: Welp, I wrote this post on Sunday night and broke this frame on Monday night. I hung it with command strips and noticed it was crooked. I took it down and leaned it against the wall on top of my chest of drawers temporarily and it came crashing down into a ton of pieces. Very, very disappointing!  Anyone local heading to Ikea soon??

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  1. It looked :( awesome! I hope someone can help you get another one soon. Ikea has started shipping small items, I wonder if they ship those frames... Shipping is probably cheaper than a drive to GA!

    1. Thanks! I think when I looked online it said they weren't available online. We do have a local company that drives to Georgia on a schedule and picks up Ikea products for people - at a premium! We are thinking of getting a couch, so if we do, I'll add on some more Ribba frames! :)

  2. ohhhh how sad! :(

    the ikea frame made such a huge difference in the way the art looks. It really amazed me how much different!!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the last minute tragedy on the frame front! I do love what a perfect illustration of how a frame or a mat can "date" a piece badly, whereas a simple switcheroo on design or color can make a previously blah setting really stand out! I hope you find an ikea replacement soon, maybe some local thrift store luck will shine down on ya! :)

  4. I think the first frame would have worked if the mat wasn't blue.


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