Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Krylon Colormaster Challenge

This is so cool - my mom is heading to Cleveland to participate in the Krylon Colormaster Challenge. She will be working with Jeff Devlin from the DIY Network and a few other bloggers to complete 24 projects in 24 hours - and you get to watch it live!

They'll be working their tushes off 10am-10pm on Friday and Saturday and you can watch it right here! (You can even sign up to get a reminder in case you forget!)

I am so proud of my mom and so excited for her as she gets to go experience this challenge! Read more about it on her blog here!

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  1. That sounds awesome! Good luck to your Mom!

  2. awwww, love you daughter! thanks for the shout out. I AM a mess this morning--so many projects, so little time!

    hoping YOU have a great weekend!

  3. Seriously, that is so awesome Jamie! I will definitely be tuning in for that! I'll have to check out your mom's blog and read about how she got the opportunity! I love DIY Network. I know Bill Click from Restoration Realities- we went to grad school together. haha :)

  4. Aw, that's crazy awesome and inspiring! :D

  5. It's over! I did it! What an amazing opportunity it was to work on such an awesome project. :)


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