Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jack Spencer Photography

Sunday, I went to the Frist with some friends to see the Sensuous Steel: Art Deco Automobiles exhibit. It was impressive, but I much prefer art to cars! After we moseyed through the exhibit (ha! "mosey" is not quite accurate - it was SO crowded that "dodged people with cameras" is more accurate. Photography was allowed and people were going cuh-razy with their cameras), we headed upstairs to see the Jack Spencer photography exhibit.

image source

I loved it. This piece, titled "Dark Horse," was one of my favorites. I'm in a major horse/deer phase right now and I just thought this shadowy, blurry horse and gritty background were so intriguing.

Contrasting "Dark Horse" is "Snow Ponies":

image source

Both horse photographs are mysterious...but in completely different ways. 

A lot of his photos look like paintings. The colors are so rich.

image source

I was also really impressed to discover that he began the Lost Boys Foundation, a foundation to help the 150 Sudanese child refugees that were brought to Nashville to live. After one young man was stabbed in a local nightclub, Jack Spencer committed to "the reunification and living enhancement of the Lost Boys of Sudan who have made Nashville their home" through the foundation.

You can read more about the exhibit here. If you're in town, see it upstairs at the Frist through October 13.

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  1. wow! beautiful photography. Both horse pictures have a peacefulness to them I think. Very calming.

    ps no-reply here. :(


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