Monday, July 8, 2013

Thrift Report: Tiny Haul Edition

Happy Monday! Man, it's going to be hard to get back to real life after a long weekend!

Saturday, I zoomed over to the Family Tree Estate Sale in my neighborhood about an hour before it was over. I tried to get over in the morning but was running late for ceramics so I had to skip it until later in the afternoon. There were still some things left and I found a little bit!


This is photoshopped beyond recognition because the weather has been SO terrible and it has been impossible to take decent photos!

So - the homeowner was a photographer who lived in a house that was pretty run down. However, there were photos from her travels ALL over the world. It's so interesting to get a glimpse into people's lives and priorities. She traveled the globe and then returned to a tiny house. I admire her for knowing her priorities and pursuing travel since that was important to her!

There were a bunch of cameras for sale apparently, but by the time I got there, there were only 2. Cameras are fun home decor accessories and do well in my booth, so I picked one up. I also really liked the striped fabric and thought it might be fun for sewing up some baby gifts. (Everyone we know is pregnant and having a girl!)

I've been buying a LOT more fresh veggies lately, so I thought I'd give this vintage chopper a try. It's pink! Very cute.

Since I'm married to a vinyl-holic, I thought this 45 adapter (above, in the box) was kinda cool. It's for stereos that have the automatic record changer-outer and it allows you to stick a stack of 45s on your turntable and cycle through them. We don't have a stereo that does that, but I'll stick it in my booth and maybe another vinyl-holic will like it. :)

Did you have torrential rain this weekend? And if so, did you make it out to shop in it?? I didn't think it would EVER stop raining!

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  1. too much rain indeed! I haven't been to a single yard sale this year. I'm itching to get some good deals. Going to the ReStore today... always good stuff there, rain or shine. :)

  2. Our weather was beautiful here, but instead of spending Saturday garage sale-ing, I picked up my husband and his broken motorcycle off the side of the road and we took it to the repair shop. We took the long way home and did stop at one garage sale, where I found a vintage Beagle puzzle for 25 cents, with the hand written promise that it has all the pieces. Might not have been the shopping extravaganza I was planning, but it was a wonderful drive!


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