Thursday, October 3, 2013

You got a problem with Poppins?

I love Mary Poppins all the time, but the past week has been a Poppins-fest in my life. Last week, my friend Nathalie gave me the most amazing Mary Poppins book with photos from the film mixed in with drawings and illustrations - so incredible! Then the Disney blog posted an amazing illustration they designed for Julie Andrews this week - check it out here!

So last night, when we were watching Modern Family, I was DELIGHTED to hear a Mary Poppins reference! Jay took his stepson Manny (who is wise beyond his years) to see the Sound of Music at a movie theater. Manny was lecturing Jay about acting on his angry impulses, when this happened...see the clip from Hulu below!

Can't see the clip? Here's the gist - a loud guy behind Jay and Manny starts talking on his cellphone saying that his family dragged him to see the movie and it featured the "chick from that crapfest Mary Poppins." Manny (the 6th grader) loses his cool and tears the cell phone away from the kid and destroys it. Cut to a documentary-style scene in which Manny addresses the camera and says that all the long nights his mom worked, the only thing that kept him company was Mary Poppins. "You got a problem with Poppins? Then you got a problem with ME!"

And now I have my new life motto. :)

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  1. I love Manny's ferocious fealty to MP...and your new life motto. :)

  2. Gah, can you believe that I have never seen the entire movie before?

    1. Whaaaaaaa! I guess I can't say anything- I actually haven't seen The Sound of Music all the way through!


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