Thursday, February 6, 2014

Recipe Recommendation: Cake Mix Cookies

I wanted to bake something delicious to take to the Super Bowl party we went to, but I didn't feel like making something completely from scratch. In our cupboard, I had yellow cake mix but didn't think a cake or cupcakes would go over well - they're not easy finger food - cupcakes are too messy!

So, I googled "things to do with cake mix" and came across all kinds of cookie ideas. One in particular stood out to me - Betty Crocker's chocolate chip cookies made from a cake mix.

A box of yellow cake mix, some milk, butter, vanilla, eggs, chocolate chips, and voila - you have chocolate chip cookies. Oh - and salt. I always salt my chocolate chip cookies when they're fresh from the oven. It gives them a little something extra!

When we tasted these cookies straight out of the oven, we were both unimpressed. BUT, when I took them to the party hours later, they were delicious. I guess they needed to settle down some! Everyone raved over them and when they were gone, there were lots of sad faces.

I found that the recipe made about 4 dozen cookies.


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  1. FUN!!!!!!!! I like easy! I'll be clicking over to pin!

  2. well.... isn't that interesting! I never have cake mixes on hand---ever. :(

  3. I make a mean double fudge cake cookie the same way. Gotta love yummy and easy!
    Hope you're doing well!


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