Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Favorite Finds: Rae's Hank Williams Bust

I recently connected with Rae of Say It Ain't So - we are fellow bloggers, lovers of estate sales, the Goodwill Outlet, and we even live in the same neighborhood and frequent the same sales! We haven't met yet, but I'm so excited to have a blog friend basically in my back yard who loves many of the same things that I love!

Rae has a great blog where she shares her amazing kitschy finds! Check it out!

I knew Rae would have an amazing favorite find and she definitely didn't disappoint. Read on to hear about her amazing Hank Williams bust - yes, you read that right - a Hank Williams bust! You never know what you'll find in Nashville!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

It is really hard to pick a favorite find, but a life sized bust of Hank Williams is one of the most amazing. The credit should really go to my husband, he was the one that fished it out a bin at the Goodwill Outlet. If you haven't been to one, at the Goodwill Outlet all the stuff is barely sorted and thrown into bins. You pay by the pound. You can find amazing stuff for pennies, but you have to look through a LOT of trash.

What were your first thoughts when you saw a lifesize Hank Williams bust??

Travis says "My first thought was, is that metal? Why is that here? Why hasn't anyone else grabbed this?" He then put it in our cart and as we continued our search through the bins everyone walking by was like "Oh! You are getting Hank!" They all passed him up because they were afraid he would be too expensive. I guess they didn't know that if you find something BIG (like a bowling ball, or a letter press type drawer, or a bust of Hank Williams) they will give it to you for 3 to 5 dollars.

Is that the strangest thing you've ever found at the Goodwill Outlet?

The bust is probably the weirdest thing. There is one just like it in the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery Alabama. How did ours get to the Goodwill Outlet?

Where does it "live" now in your house?

We are big classic country fans so Hank now lives in our living room, right next to our tv unit. You can see him to the left of the Christmas tree. I want to find a vintage trunk for him to sit on.

Why do you love buying vintage kitsch?

Because it seems like for the same price of something crappily made and new from Target, I can get something awesome and sturdy from a thrift store! I love how vintage looks, especially if it is kistch. I would love it if every single thing in my house had a face on it. Or a poodle.

Rae, thanks so much for sharing about the thrill of the Goodwill Outlet and the amazing, unique items you can find there!

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  1. O.M.G. A life-sized Hank Williams bust at the GOODWILL OUTLET?!?!?! That is a find of legendary proportions. WOW!!!! So jealous! :)

  2. That is sooo cool! I too am wondering HOW it ended up a the goodwill. great find!

  3. I'm always curious about the backstory, too. Especially with something like that! What a cool find!

  4. thanks for featuring me! we have got to meet sometime soon!

  5. Oh my gosh, it SLAYS me that I didn't find that first. But they deserve it, those kids. I'll keep digging until I find one of Patsy.


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